Monday, February 24, 2014

Advice from the broken

We're all a little bit broken. From time to time we all need perspectives from others, but crud... everyone's so broken. The upside is that we're all broken in different ways, and our brokenness may not preclude us from seeing other people's fixes clearly. In fact, helping others may help us to help ourselves, either with a new way to look at our own problems as well, or simply by letting us feel good about doing something for other people.

To that end, I am thinking about reviving my old advice column. I would likely start fresh since the old one was written by a really really young version of me, a long long time ago. I'd hope that I've gained a little more wisdom since then. However, if you're interested in a few chuckles, you can certainly read my old columns.

If you're interested in perhaps appearing in my first column, please email advice [at]


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