Sunday, November 19, 2006

I'm not a 10

I understand that I am not a 10. I never had any illusions about being a 10. But goddamn it, I am not a 1, or a 2, or even a 3. So why the hell is this shit occurring?

It's not like I'm going to cry or anything, it just really confuses me how people think it's appropriate to be such shitheads. Who the hell rates people a 1?

Anyway, if you feel like giving me a legitimate rating, please head on over to and rate me. Obviously, if you feel like rating me low, I can't stop you... but please at least have the balls to post a (non-anonymous) comment here and own up to having rated me low. I'd be interested to read a supporting argument for such a low rating.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Halloween recap

This year I won no contests. My husband, however, won two on the same night.

Saturday night, we went to the game store (where I won the contest last year) and Michael won a $15 gift certificate for Most Creative Costume. He promptly spent the gift certificate on comic books and soda. Then we went to Mics Karaoke, where he won against all the guys, the most notable opponent being a guy dressed as a giant cockroach wearing a giant foam paperclip and holding a giant joint. You guessed it - a roach clip.

I was Little Red Riding Hood, and Michael was an angry robot. The angry robot costume was made from cardboard boxes covered in aluminum foil and duct tape, with dryer ducts as the arms and legs. Most importantly, there was a plastic tube that ran from the head down through the arm, so Michael could drink beverages. It was very hot inside the costume, which might be why the robot is so angry.

Michael has saved his costume and intends to wear it if there is ever a political protest in the area. He doesn't care what the protest is for. He plans to go and carry a sign that says something like "Death to Humans" in binary.

Then on Sunday, we were invited to a private birthday party at Mics Karaoke again. Since we were to see a lot of the same people, we wanted to do something different. It took a lot of convincing, but I got Michael to switch costumes with me. Michael lost his karaoke cherry singing We Didn't Start The Fire by Billy Joel (which he did extremely well, I might add) and I sang Let Me Go by Cake while in costume, and got a lot of applause, especially when I danced around. People like watching other people frolick around in uncomfortable costumes. It's just a fact of life.

On Tuesday, I brought Michael, some coworkers, and some friends to Mics for another night of karaoke and contests. Michael and I decided that the robot and Red were a little played out, so we devised another pair of costumes. We dressed as Carla Espinosa and The Todd from the TV show Scrubs.

Michael made us some badges, and I drew The Todd's tattoo onto Michael's arm, and we were set. A photographer from snapped a picture of us, and it came out pretty well, though I say it myself. There was no costume contest that night and I didn't win the singing contest (Becca won it and totally deserved to) but I had a very good time. Some of my coworkers noted that I was dragging ass a little the next day, but little do they know just how often I go out on a "school night" when they're not aware of it. It was actually my most productive day that week, come to think of it.