Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fresh pain

I went back to some old pics of us to reminisce... and I just discovered he unfriended me on Facebook at some point. He had stayed friended for a few months, and I figured his disappearance from the chat list was because he rarely ever signed on... but no. He untagged himself from all my photos and unfriended me... it's like I never happened in his history.

It's a fresh wound right over the old one. It hurts.

Ton of bricks

I went to a play today with my mom. It was a two-person cast, so both actors were on stage for pretty much the whole thing. One of the actors evoked this strong sense of familiarity, and I couldn't quite figure it out until the second act.

His mannerisms, movement, build, and even his looks to some degree, reminded me of Thomas. From that point on I couldn't watch the play and see the character or even the actor... all I could see was this dude who looked like Thomas.

Breaking up was the correct thing to do. I still miss him a lot.