Monday, March 01, 2010

Song for you-know-who

Poor Shakespeare

I’ve got an idea
Tell me what you think
We’ll pack a couple of sandwiches
And bring something to drink
We’ll get into your car
And drive an hour or two
I’ve got an idea
‘bout what we should do

The ides of March
Belong to you and me
Shakespeare has nothing now
But I just can’t feel bad

I’ll take some pictures of you
Like I did before
Leaning back and smiling up
At the one that you adore
Bits of leaves in your hair
And scattered on the ground
I’ll take some pictures of you
And keep them around

If we were Will’s
We’d speak iambicly
Strut and fret upon a stage
And be heard no more

Let’s go for a drive
And bring the blanket, dear
Additional significance
Will warm us through the year
Riding shotgun with you
Who cares if it’s cold?
Let’s go for a drive
And let our story unfold

Riding here next to you
Our story unfolds
And you and I will decide
How it will be told

(copyright 2010, Jessica Kent)