Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bye, Felipe!

You may be familiar with the Facebook and Instagram feeds for Bye, Felipe. If not, go Google for it. I'll wait.

Find it? Good.

So that's some wild stuff, right? Surely these are not common responses, right?


I've had quite a few. I had one guy tell me that I should get gang raped so it would knock the snot off my nose, after I told him I wasn't interested. Totally unacceptable, no matter how snarky I was, but at least there was a catalyst for an outburst of SOME kind on that interaction.

But what about when it comes out of the blue, even without rejection?


So yeah, that happened.

Update!! He came back. He's still chock full of entitlement. I can't wait to see what he says to my last message!

Update some more!

It's no longer amusing. Now it's just sad.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015


No matter how lonely I get, I need to remember not to revisit this ground.

1/9/15 edit

He got the last word. Bet he's proud of himself.

OFFS, he's still at it.

I'm so glad he remembers what was important about the relationship.

Round 15.

I no longer care about editing out his phone number.


He created a craigslist ad and put my personal information in it, along with all the places I can be found, and my phone number.

I've called the police and filed a report. They're tracking him down to have a talking to with him. Hopefully this scares him off. In the meanwhile, I've had 50 text messages and calls from the people who saw the ad during the three hours it was up, and after telling them all what happened, there were various reactions. Some understood and backed off. Some got pissy about being rejected. Some asked me out anyway, and some offered to kick his ass (so hard to turn those down). 

Mainly I'm scared to go home alone or do the things I love, because this asshole tainted the places I always felt safe. I have never wished ill on an ex, and I don't want this to be how I feel... but I kind of do... and I hate him for making me feel that way.