Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The internet is full of opinionated people. I love that about the internet. What I do not love is people who hide within an anonymous persona in order to dodge judgement for expressing their opinions. Seriously, people - grow a pair. If you have an opinion, own it.

Anonymous commenting has been disabled on this blog.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How very cool Erica is

Erica is a goddess. Not only is she all math-savvy and science-smart, but she's also artistic. She took this self portrait that I snapped:

and turned it into this:

Isn't that kickass?

Then she made me up and took these pics:

I want to be Erica when I grow up. It only sucks that I'm older than she is. :(

Monday, May 15, 2006

Eventually Salad

Lots of stuff has been going on. I've been doing karaoke, losing more weight, buying sexy clothes, meeting new and wonderful people, discovering that my digestive issues of the last 9 months could have been treated with the correct $1800 antibiotic if we had diagnosed the C-diph back then, being very happy that we can still correct it now, being even happier that I have health insurance, cuddling with kittens, cuddling with new and wonderful people, cuddling with the kittens of new and wonderful people... and so forth.

I lost the friendship of someone who once meant a lot to me. Jack, Michael and I were at my new karaoke haven, and Jack was getting more drunk than I had ever seen him. He decided that he felt like fighting, and since there was no brawl in evidence, he would create one. He threatened the owner of the bar, and smashed a glass down on the bar. Michael instantly sobered up and became all butch and escorted Jack out, though Jack opened the glass doors with Michael's head for his troubles. Reece (the bar owner), getting bad intel from someone else, went after Jack because he thought that Jack injured his wife on the way out. Itty bitty Reece needed two guys to hold him back, and Michael held back the 7 foot behemoth who started it all. Much confusion ensued, in which my shoe was broken, Reece's shirt was ripped, and my toe was mashed (though thankfully not broken.)

In any event, that was over a week ago. I tried to talk to Jack when he was sober the next day, and he brushed me off. So, fuck him. I mourn the loss of a close friend.

In the interim, the friendship Michael and I have with Erica and Sam has been growing and blooming into many-hued awesomeness. Erica did this kickass portrait of me:

Their friendship would have been more than fantastic at any point, but it's especially seredipitous in light of the recent demise of my friendship with Jack. I'm a seriously lucky person, and it makes my day brighter thinking about it.

In weight loss news, I've actually lost over 100 lbs. since the initial weight I had to lose before the surgery. I fit into the same size jeans and shirts that I was wearing in high school. If my arms were more toned, my boobs a bit perkier, and I had a bit less gut, I would actually be smaller than I was 13 years ago. It's a great feeling. I'm so jazzed about the way things are going. My body image is rapidly becoming more positive. I have been wearing sexier clothing, wearing makeup, and have stopped biting my nails. I almost feel like... like a girl!